Bus Schedule

Bus Stops and Times - Please call the school to find your child’s bus stop. Be at the stop 10 minutes early to catch the bus or collect your child. Times will vary slightly as we refine the schedule the first week of school.


Bob’s Bus

7:36 - Dundee Rd near town line

7:45 Town Hall Rd./Town Line

7:58 Lower Green Hill Rd.

8:00 Top of Green Hill Rd.

8:03 Old Jackson Rd.

8:10 north on Rt. 16, Wildcat Townhouses

8:16 south towards JGS

8:20 arrive JGS

Mark’s Bus

7:45 Black Mountain Rd.

7:47 Tin Mine Rd.

7:51 Presidential Dr.

7:55 Balsam Rd - turn around

8:01 Black Mountain/Wilson Rd

8:04 Black Mountain Parking Lot across from stables - turn around

8:07 Moody Farm/Wilson Rd.

8:08 Chesley Farm Rd.

8:10 Carter Notch Rd.

8:15 Carter Notch/Maloon Rd.  - turn around

8:25 JGS

on to JBES with middle schoolers

8:28 Depart JGS for JBES

8:30 Goodrich Falls/Pats Auto Body

8:35 Story Land

8:37 Red Parka Pub

8:42 Glen Warehouse

8:50 Arrice JBES


Mark’s Bus starts at JGS

3:05 Depart JGS

3:11 Top of Tin Mine Rd.(turn around)

3:17 Black Mtn. Rd near Wilson Rd.

3:20 Base of Black Mtn.

3:23 5 Mile Circuit Rd (Moody Farm/Wilson Rd.)

3:24 Chesley Farm Rd.

3:28 Moody Farm/Carter Notch Rd.

3:33 Carter Notch/Meloon Rd. (turn around)

3:42 Town Line, Rt.16 to meet Bob’s Middle School bus

3:48 Repeat

4:00 wildcat town house

4:15 South on 16

4:20 back to JGS

4:27 Black/Wilson

4:30 Base of Black

4:33 5 Mile Circuit

4:43 Carter Notch/Meloon turnaround

Bob's Bus meets Mark's at the town line at 3:42

3:44 Lower Green Hill Rd.

3:46 Upper Green Hill Rd.

3:50 Proceed to Town Hall Rd. and Dundee Rd.

Jackson Late Bus from Bartlett After School Activities

4:45 Depart JBES

5:05 Arrive JGS

JGS drivers will not drop a young child without a parent or designated adult to meet them at the bus stop. Please send a note to the office for changes in who will be meeting your child. This note will be passed on to the driver.