First Day of School

First Day of School

8:20 --students arrive at JGS

8:30 --school begins

3:00 --school ends: children either take bus or are picked up on the blacktop under the hoops.

What to pack in backpack on the first day of school:

~ recess-ready shoes if student is not wearing sneakers already

~ a snack for mid-morning

~ a lunch or a note requesting lunch

Your student won’t need much the first day of school.

Each class has a snack mid-morning, so pack a snack for your kiddo.

Lunch will be served or you can send your child with a lunch.

Lunch costs $3.35 and can be paid by the day, week or month. More info on lunch and the free and reduced lunch program, as well as the milk/juice program, will come home with your child on the first day. Milk and juice and lunch are available on Day 1 with or without payment.

Weather permitting, we will have two recesses and your child should wear clothing and shoes appropriate for running around in a field, climbing on playground equipment or playing on the blacktop. Sneakers are preferred. Flip flops and clogs are not safe footwear for the playground.

Each classroom will have a list of school supplies your student needs. You may have gotten this in the mail from your child’s teacher already. Most classrooms have mailboxes and/or folders for the exchange of messages from home and school, and to carry home homework and the weekly school newsletter.

You will receive a link to a stack of paperwork. Please contact the school if you have trouble accessing this link. Please complete the on-line forms and uploads as soon as possible.

2016.7 Bus Stops and Times - Please call the school to find your child’s bus stop.


Bob’s Bus

7:46 - Dundee Rd near town line

7:55 Town Hall Rd./Town Line

8:08 Top of Green Hill Rd.

8:14 Old Jackson Rd.

8:18 continuing north on Rt. 16

8:19 Wildcat Townhouses, Make the turn back south towards JGS

8:21 arrive JGS

Mark’s Bus

7:45 Black Mountain Rd.

7:47 Tin Mine Rd.

7:51 Presidential Dr.

7:55 Balsam Rd - turn around

8:01 Black Mountain/Wilson Rd

8:04 Black Mountain Parking Lot across from stables - turn around

8:07 Moody Farm/Wilson Rd.

8:08 Chesley Farm Rd.

8:10 Carter Notch Rd.

8:15 Carter Notch/Maloon Rd.  - turn around

8:25 JGS


Mark’s Bus starts at JGS

3:05 Depart JGS

3:11 Top of Tin Mine Rd.(turn around)

3:17 Black Mtn. Rd near Wilson Rd.

3:20 Base of Black Mtn.

3:23 5 Mile Circuit Rd (Moody Farm/Wilson Rd.)

3:24 Chesley Farm Rd.

3:28 Moody Farm/Carter Notch Rd.

3:33 Carter Notch/Maloon Rd. (turn around)

3:45 Town Line, Rt.16 to meet Bob’s Middle

School bus/head North toward Wildcat Townhouses

3:48 Swing by JGS/Repeat

Bob's afternoon bus

3:43 Jackson Town Line to meet Mark's bus

3:45 Green Hill Rd. & Rte. 16/Dundee

Jackson Late Bus from Bartlett After School Activities

4:45 Depart JBES

5:05 Arrive JGS

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