Great Apps for Kids (and Parents)

  • Math Apps
    • ClockMaster
    • Find Sums
    • Zoom
    • Montessori Math
  • Language Arts Apps
    • iWriteWords
    • Montessori Crosswords
    • BOB Books Reading Magic
    • Sight Words
    • Minimod
  • Critical Thinking Apps
    • KickBox
    • Treasure Hunt
  • Creative Apps
    • 123DSculpt
    • ScreenChomp
  • Etc...
    • iReward Chart
    • Dinosaurs
    • Stack the States

These are all apps that we have on the school iPODs and iPad. Different children use them at different times and for different reasons. If you have others that you have found useful at home please leave a comment. With over half a million apps out there it is great for all of us to have recommendations of quality apps! Thanks!