JGS Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The Jackson Grammar School is committed to learning by fostering the intellectual, social, and physical growth of children, promoting responsibility and respect, while encouraging pride in community.
We seek to:
  • Foster creativity, risk-taking, discovery, humor and energy in learning. Support sustained, independent, interest-based inquiry.

  • Provide meaningful and experiential multi-age learning opportunities.

  • Inspire students to become creative problem solvers, articulate communicators, and thoughtful collaborators.

  • Promote a "Jackson School Campus".

  • Provide quality instruction grounded in a focused and integrated curriculum.

  • Insure the responsible and meaningful use of current technology.

  • Value a concerned, global outlook in our everyday lives.

Jackson School Community Pledge:


As members of the Jackson School Community, we respect all people.  We respect the world around us, indoors and out. We each take responsibility for our own actions, but we also reach out helping hands. We try hard, we play fair, and we include everyone.  When we come to the Jackson Grammar School, we come for learning and community and fun!