Mr. Marshall's 6th Grade

Happy February!

The students did a wonderful job composing and then, singing the biome song at ASM.  Take a look at the lyrics they developed to the tune of "Shady Grove," in the newsletter.  A big "thank you" to Mr. Harding for helping us with the energy transformation science unit.  Now, students will take their research on their  particular biome and create a diarama with their partner.  This will be completed in school and shared on February 14.

In Social Studies, we are still studying about the Middle Ages.  
Literacy is being integrated in the SS unit. They are 
conducting research
about a Medieval topic of choice 
and will write an informational piece when we return from February Break.  
The students have been reading folk tales and fairy tales.  
They will choose and re-tell a fairy tale/folk tale at our Medieval Feast - either live or recorded
.  Next week, they are developing a personal crest - like a family crest demonstrating personality traits and interests. 

We have been learning and playing logic and strategy games related to the Medieval Period on Fridays.  The students have learned to or fine-tuned their play in chess, backgammon  and cribbage.  Perhaps play a round with them at home, if you have the games - they can teach you, if you do not know how to play.

We have been working on decimals, fractions and percents in math, as well as, box plots and analyzing graphs.  Students started the Unit 3 test this week and will finish it next week.

The All-School Field Trip to the Remick Museum was so fun.  Ask your child what activities related to the 1800's your child liked.  There are pictures on the school website and in the newsletter - thanks Ms. Meier for helping organize this.

As a reminder, please talk about SMART Goals, and the progression of achieving them.  We are having discussions and providing time for students in school to work on their goals, as well.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Mr. Marshall
PS The Ecology School field trip with JBES sixth graders is scheduled for May 1-3. More to come on this.

All students must read at least 30 min./night.

1. Nightly Reading
2. Read fairy tales, fables and folktales

 Language Arts:

Spelling List. Test Every Wed.  Practice your list and re-write the words in your spelling notebook.  This week February 13, assessing: Sort 19.
Math:Math Facts
Unit 3 Test cont.: Monday
Social Studies:


 Miscellaneous1.Classroom Job: Make sure you know what day(s) you are responsible for doing your job.
2. Share Project Alert notification with parents
3. Work on ASM news skit

 Dates To Keep In Mind:Feb. 1: JBES Middle School Dance
Feb. 1: ESSC Continues
Mar. 20: Medieval Celebration and Feast
May 1-3: The Ecology School Field Trip

6th Grade Schedule 2018/2019

Everyday we conduct a morning meeting to build community and responsibility.  Student classroom jobs rotate weekly.  Check to see what your child has for a job this week.