Mr. Marshall's 6th Grade

Happy Spring! - the snow is no indication of the season.

There are only two weeks until April Vacation - and there is so much going on.  In the meantime, we are developing, then presenting slideshows to the DAR women on Wednesday, April 10 at 2pm in the Whitney Center - the topics are the 19th Amendment and the Legacy Pavilion Project.

The following week (April 15-19), we are hosting JBES sixth graders for a hands-on STEM activity called SeaPerch.  Each group will construct and test a ROV (remotely operated vehicle).  Please look for a letter asking for family volunteers.

In math we are having a test on algebraic expressions and absolute value on Thursday, April 11.

Students are also in multi-aged literature circle reading groups.  They are reading fiction novels, which contain social issues.  They are responsible for completing focused literature circle jobs and a reading group page assignment.

A reminder thank you below:
Thank you for the support at the Medieval Feast!  The energy was incredible and the students showed great pride and learning.  We were so pleased with their efforts and appreciated the opportunity to collaborate with the UA team and other staff.  It was a truly interdisciplinary experience and culminating event!:

*learning about the history of bread making and the biochemistry involved; while kneading away!
*practicing tournament games, juggling entertainment and movement
*singing traditional songs
*designing and creating stained glass and castles
*storytelling: story-boarding, memorizing, practicing and retelling
*researching topics of interest and drafting, revising and editing informational essays
*developing timelines, which highlight the social, political and religious developments of the Middle Ages
*composing found poetry
*developing authentic identities
*making costumes
*sharing work creatively in a comprehensive altered book
*reflecting on and demonstrating the learning targets with evidence during a student/teacher consult
*feasting on Tudor inspired recipes!

We are working on order of operations and writing expressions in math - essentially algebra!

As a reminder, please talk about SMART Goals, and the progression of achieving them.  We are having discussions and providing time for students in school to work on their goals, as well.
Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Mr. Marshall
PS The Ecology School field trip with JBES sixth graders is scheduled for May 1-3. More to come on this.


All students must read at least 30 min./night.

1. Nightly Reading
2. Social Book Club Reading Assignment and Literature Circle Job

 Language Arts:

Spelling List. Test Every Wed.  Practice your list and re-write the words in your spelling notebook.  This week April 17, assessing: Sort 6, 25 or 26.
Math:Math Test Unit 4: Thursday/Friday, April 11/12
Social Studies:


 Miscellaneous1.Fill out and return The Ecology School forms
2.Classroom Job: Make sure you know what day(s) you are responsible for doing your job.
3. Work on SMART Goals
4. SeaPerch Volunteer Letter

 Dates To Keep In Mind:
Look for specific details in your child's assignment notebook
April 15-19: Sea Perch with JBES 6th Grade -test devices at Aquatic Center 4/19 @ 12:30
May 1-3: The Ecology School Field Trip
May 6-9: SAS Standardized Testing
May 15 0r 16 - 5/6 Track Meet at KHS (Weather dependent)
May 17: Field Trip on Cog Railroad

6th Grade Schedule 2018/2019

Everyday we conduct a morning meeting to build community and responsibility.  Student classroom jobs rotate weekly.  Check to see what your child has for a job this week.