Blizzard Bags...or a Remote School Instruction Day

When it's too stormy for school...Get out your Blizzard Bag!
 How it Works:

1. You will be contacted by the district’s automated announcement system telling you that school is canceled and that it is a Blizzard Bag Day. This may involve two calls or messages. Listen for the announcement of which assignments to do, although if you miss it, it’s not difficult:  the first snow day is Blizzard Bag Day 1, the second snow day is Blizzard Bag Day 2, etc. (The number of Blizzard Bag days may change. Stay tuned. We will do 1, for sure!)

2. Your child will do the classroom work assigned for that day. They will work on one UA class per snow day, included in the bag. Students may do their work anytime during the snow day, and teachers will be available from  8 AM-11 AM  to answer questions. Contact info is in the bag!

3. The work completed is due the next school day we’re back at school. (So a two-day snow cancellation is two days of Blizzard Bag work which will be due when we get back to school.)

4. In June, instead of going to school extra days to make up for snow cancellations, we’ll get out as planned, or close to, the date set in the SAU 9 calendar for the school year...IF, and ONLY IF, we have 80% student participation. Work will be collected and student participation calculated for each snow day. Missing or incomplete work will render the student “absent” for the snow day. Unfinished Blizzard Bag work may negatively affect a student’s grade. Excused absences will be determined on a case-by-case basis.



Q & A of Blizzard Bags

Who: Students will complete work from teachers, with parent support.

What: Assignments that reinforce classroom work will be completed either from the work sent home in the Blizzard Bag or on-line. Power outage? No problem! There’s pencil and paper work in the bag! On-line work and “in the bag” work are nearly the same.

Where: Students will do the work at home when school is cancelled.

When: We have the chance to make up 5 snow days by completing our Blizzard Bag assignments. More than 5 snow days and we’ll have to make up #6, # 7, etc., in June. Snow days before we send home Blizzard Bags? Drat! We'll have to make those up! 

How: 100% participation is the goal. 80% of school student participation is required to count a snow cancellation as a school day, so do your work! Teachers will be available from 8 AM until 11 AM by phone and email to answer questions about the work. See your child’s Blizzard Bag for this contact information. Blizzard Bag assignments are due the first day back to school after a cancellation!

Why: Blizzard Bags allow students to continue work on concepts and skills on no-school snow days. This allows learning to progress. With 80% participation on a cancellation day we will not have to make a day up at the end of the school year. Families can get going with their summer plans as planned!