Art with Ms. Scribner

February - At a Glance

Grades K/1: Students are improving their realistic drawing skills this month! We are collaborating with a research project on animals in the classroom. Each student is drawing and then creating a styrofoam printing plate so that they can print multiple copies of their animal.
New Vocabulary: Printmaking, Brayer, Ink, Printing Plate


Grades 2/3: Students learned about artist Vincent Van Gogh. We started by reading a story about him painting his famous sunflowers in a vase painting. Next students drew a flower onto a styrofoam printing plate so that they can print multiple copies of their flower. We will cut these out and using mixed media create a unique piece of artwork.
New Vocabulary: Vincent Van Gogh, Printmaking, Brayer, Ink, Printing Plate, Bilateral Symmetry


Grades 4-6: Students are learning about the quilts of the Oregon Trail. Using the popular, Log Cabin Quilt Pattern, students will be using their math skills for cutting fabric and then will be hand-sewing their pieces together to make their own quilt square. 
New Vocabulary: Log Cabin Pattern, Running Stitch, Thread, Needle, Iron, Crazy Quilt