SAU # 9 Office (603) 447-8368  
Kevin Richards Superintendent of Schools  
Kathryn Wilson
Assistant Superintendent
Pam Stimpson Director of Special Services  
James Hill Director of Administrative Services  
Becky Jefferson Director of Budget & Finance  
Gale Yalenezian Pre-School Coordinator  
Jackson School Board Members - meet nearly each third Monday   
Genn Anzaldi (Member)    
Jessica DellaValla (Member)    
Keith Bradley (Member)    
Jerry Dougherty (Chair)    
Kate Fournier (Member)

Jackson Staff Directory  Office 383-6861      FAX 603-383-0827 E-Mail Addresses
Gayle Dembowski Principal/Reading Specialist
Alison Verran Technology Facilitator
Kristin Groves Grades K-1 Teacher
Margot Robert
Grades 2-3
Jon Marshall
Grade 6 Teacher
Joan Heysler
Grades 4.5 Teacher
Carrie Scribner Art Teacher
Lauren Weeder Music/Instrumental
Sonya Porter Physical Education
Susan Ross Parent JGS Administrative Assistant
Karen Arendt Library Media
Melissa Grady Educational Assistant
Helen Crowell School Nurse
Victoria Hill Guidance Counselor
Kate Lamneck Occupational Therapist
Leslie Woodson 
World Language 
Lori Irwin Speech Pathologist  
Lisa White Food Service Director
John Stokke                            
Maintenance Supervisor 
Jenny Meier                                   Special Educator/Enrichment
Robert Kurz School Bus Driver  
Mark Blotner School Bus Driver  

Are you interested in joining our staff or signing up to substitute? Applications are available by visiting the SAU 9 Website for forms and additional details at: