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Lunch FAQs

School Lunch FAQ’s

Question: What is the best way to pay for school lunches? Answer: There are three possible methods for school lunch:

1.       Pay as you go- Your child brings in an envelope with a payment on the morning of his/her desired lunch.

2.       Order ahead-Your child brings in an envelope with the total payment enclosed and the dates listed in which he/she would like to order lunch for the week or the month. (Remember to keep a copy at home!)

3.       Pay Ahead- Your child brings in a lump payment (preferably a multiple of $3.35) and orders on the morning of his/her desired lunch. Each time he/she orders, one lunch will be taken from the credit. K/1 students using this method should bring a note to school on the day they would like to place an order; older students may verbally place their order with their teacher.

Question: What if I do not have exact change?

Answer: Send in the amount that you do have and we will send your envelope back home with your child containing your change. You may also write a check payable to the Jackson Grammar School.

Q: What if my child forgets his/she lunch but does not have any money?

A: We will gladly order a lunch. We will send an email reminder so you can send in the payment at your earliest convenience.

Q: What if my child pre-orders, but is absent that day?

A: We will put it towards a credit for another day.

Q: What if my child pre-orders, but is tardy on that day?

A: If your child would still like to receive lunch, you must call the school before 9am to ensure that an order will be placed; otherwise we will send a slip home for a refund or a credit.

Q: What comes with the lunch?

A: The lunch comes with the main dish (indicated on the lunch calendar), a serving of vegetables, a serving of fruit and milk. Snack for that day is NOT included.

Q: Is my child required to take everything offered?

A: JGS is designated as a ‘Serve’ School. Students are required to take all items being served. It is a good way to try new foods. If your student does not like what is being offered that day they can order a PB&J with their classroom teacher in the morning.

Thank you & do not hesitate to contact me with questions, Lisa White, JGS Food Service.