Mrs. Heysler's 4th and 5th Grade 2019-2020

Upcoming events:

November 11- No School

November 12- DAR Essay Deadline for 5/6

November 13 Open House/Family Night Native American Presentation

November 15 Tin Mountain Field Trip to North Conway Water Precinct.

November 27-29 Thanksgiving break

Classroom News:

During the next few weeks our class will be split into groups and will research a particular Native American Tribe.  This will be an in-class assignment, but you are encouraged to explore and research information at home to create your own rendition of the ...If You Lived With… series and Create Authentic Artifacts to Display in a Museum Exhibit.

We will discover our essential question: What are some similarities and differences among different Native American Cultures and how they are connected to their natural environments?

The study will be quite in-depth, time consuming and involve several requirements. The culmination of our work will be a Museum Style Share at the Whitney Center for Family Night on Wednesday, November 13th from 6-7pm. 

We are also beginning essays for the annual DAR Essay Contest. The topic this year is: "2020 mark's the 400th Anniversary of the voyage of the Mayflower and the founding of the Plymouth Colony. Imagine you are one of the passengers on the Mayflower. Knowing what materials were available in 1620, what would you have packed to prepare for the trip and starting a new life in the wilderness? After experiencing more than two months at sea then finally landing at Plymouth Colony on November 9, 1620 do you think you would have made different choices and why?"

Students can log in to their Google Account and reach the unit outline by clicking here:

Our Week:

  • Monday- PE
  • Tuesday Library, Instrument lessons and Band
  • Wednesday Art and Spanish
  • Thursday- All School Meeting, Music, Guidance and Chorus
  • Friday-Tin Mountain and Spanish

If you ever have any questions, drop me a line at:

Please note, between October 28 and November 12, Students may have more writing homework than usual related to our Integrated Block work and our DAR essay

Please, Please, Please help your student to check their assignment notebook for ongoing integrated project and passion project homework, as well as their book club homework.

Reading: 30 minutes a night (once over the weekend) Students are often reading the same material as their classmates, and it is useful for them to be at about the same place to have good conversation.  

Math Students should practice their multiplication facts at least 4 times a week for about 10 minutes.  There are many ways to practice such as flash cards, oral quizzing, Ipad apps, Khan Academy,  As the content of math becomes more complicated it is really important for students to be automatic with their facts so they can use this knowledge to solve problems more efficiently. ***Students who do not finish assigned classwork in the reasonable amount of classtime, will be requested to complete the work at home.  They should spend about 20 minutes working and if it proves too difficult, they should check in with me upon returning to school, so I can find a time to help them. 

Parents should sign check-in for reading and math in the assignment notebook

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