Mrs. Heysler's 4th and 5th Grade 2017 -18


-Ski-a-thon March 12:00 Let Susan know how you are getting home

-Family Night is now MARCH 20

-Louis Fuchs Concert March 27

Classroom News:

We are so excited about our Decades Project!

Your child can access all they need to know by signing in to our Google Classroom.  Ask them to show you!    Here's a sneak peek...

Essential Question:  How do the events and developments of a time period connect to/influence people’s perspectives and promote change?

During our Integrated Studies Block and literacy blocks from now until March 14, we will dive deep into the 20th Century to explore the decades from 1920s-1970s. You will be working with a group to create a “living timeline.” Each decade group do a collaborative presentation at our family night that answers our essential question for your decade. You will show the important events of your decade and the influence those events had on people as well as how they caused or affected change. This can be a skit or a multi-media presentation or a combination:  It has to show what you have learned about:

  • Firsts (think about what we talked about watching Hidden Figures… it was the first time_____________ happened)

  • Important people  (and how they contributed) **including who was President

  • Science/technology/inventions (why they were important agents of change)

  • Big historical events (Include world wide events)

  • Music (indicating why a certain genre has changed or why one genre is becoming more popular)

  • Theatre/Movies/Television (Indicate why certain genres may have been popular and how they influenced people’s perspectives)

  • Style: Architecture/design/fashion (show how they influenced each other and what caused changes)

  • Sports (who were important athletes, how were professional sports evolving- were there any important events at the Olympics in your decade?)

  • Games and Hobbies (what were people doing in their free time? What was it influenced by)

  • Language (what slang was popular?  What drove certain phrases to be used?)

  • Nicknames (include nicknames for your decade and the generation born during that decade)

  • Economy (how much did things cost?)

  • Other?

If you ever have any questions, drop me a line at:


Remember to read for 30 minutes each night.

We have Tin Mountain Field Journal entries due each week.  Please put an honest effort into giving Mike your best  work. 
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