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2/3 Newsletter

3 October 2013

Greetings Families,

            Into October we go! This week, third grade has begun NECAP testing and so our schedule has been a little bit crazy.  The class has done a really nice job with the craziness and has transitioned very well into this new routine.  Testing will conclude next week.

One of the highlights from this week was our field trip with Tin Mountain where explored three different areas in the Saco Watershed.  What a beautiful day we had for a field trip!  We gathered various pieces of information at each stop including water temperature, depth and width of the river.  We also got to see some awesome wildlife including a King Fisher, salamander and the most enormous spider I have ever seen!  Please check out the pictures on 2/3 website page. Continuing with our water theme we have started worked on a new writing piece in which each kiddo is writing about their favorite thing to do in water.  We will later compile all these pieces into a class book.




Tin Mountain will be joining us on Monday for another lesson (1-2pm).

STEAM Blast will also resume on Friday at 1pm.




2/3 Newsletter

27 September 2013

Greetings Families!

            I cannot believe that we have already reached the end of September!  We have been busy this week and here is a look at what is going on in the 2/3 room:



-          Continuing to work on short/small moments (I have read some fabulous stories!)

-          It is our goal to have a final/published piece of writing by the end of next week, or at least in the process!

-          You HAVE to write! We read a couple of short stories this week about writing and that it is imperative to just write.  Students have a small notebook to record everyday observations if they so wish.  My response to “it’s boring” is that your story doesn’t have to be interesting, it just has to be your own.



-          Reading groups.  I have started incorporating more word work in this area.  As well as some vocabulary and learning fun words.

-          Reading Response Journals were not due this week but will be due this coming Thursday.  I’ve spent some time working with individual groups and talking about what the RRJs are going to look like.  I will continue to give feedback on these but not necessarily grade them yet.

-          We finished reading Gooney Bird Greene which was sad.  However, we started reading Clementine which I know the kiddos will agree with me when I say she is hilarious!



-          Water!

-          We had another great lesson from Tin Mountain where we investigated the water areas around us here at JGS.

-          Our field trip will be this coming Tuesday. Remember to please pack boots and a snack and lunch!

-          We have started a watershed resource book, where we will teach the reader all about our local watershed.



-          Both second and third grade completed the first unit this week.  I’m excited to jump right into unit 2.

-          I apologize about the confusion with the everyday math logins.  Please find attached new ones that should be easier to use. 

-          Some areas to focus on for extra support at home: telling time, currency and math facts



-          Miss Manners joined us on Friday for a lesson on conversation and listening manners as well as a manners lunch.


-          Sixth grade will be at Ferry beach next week so we will not have buddy reading or STEAM blast on Friday.

-           As a heads up, I will not be here next Friday.


Upcoming Dates:

FIELD TRIP … Tuesday 10/1.  Please bring boots, snack and lunch.  Anyone that would like to join us would be more than welcome! Just let me know.


As always, please feel free to contact me about questions, concerns, and/or thoughts!




2/3 Newsletter

September 20, 2013

Greetings Families!

            First off let me thank you for coming to curriculum night.  It was really enjoyable to be able to sit and chat with you all.  I very much appreciate the feedback as well.  For those of you who couldn’t come due to the soccer game and busy lives – if you would like any of the information I passed out or discussed just let me know!

            This week I have introduced a couple of different websites to the kiddos that I would like to share with you:

  • Portaportal.com- This is a webpage that lets me list pertinent and helpful websites.  There is a link on the 2/3 school website, or you can type in portaportal.com.  Once you are on the page, on the right side about half way down is a guest login.  Type in Ms.Humiston (no spaces) to access my page.  I haven’t listed a ton of websites yet but there are some links available- especially pertaining to our study of water/watersheds.
  • Dreambox- This is something that Mrs. Groves introduced me to and I will continue with both second and third graders this year.  It is a great way to fill any down time with extra math practice.  The login for Dreambox can be found on my portaportal page. The kiddos should know how to login and get started.
  • Everyday Math- I have passed out logins to students and am attaching them with this newsletter.  The link to this login can also be found on my portaportal page and the kiddos should be familiar with this system.


Science: Tin Mountain will be joining us on Monday (1-2pm) to continue our study on water.  We have been focusing on watersheds, in particular our watershed (Saco) and all that goes with watersheds. 

Reading: We have continued our work with books groups, discussing effective reading practices/strategies.  We have also started silent reading this week, where we take 15 minutes a day to dive into a book and dedicate ourselves to simply reading!

Writing: We continued our work on short moments.  In the next week or two we are going to choose a short moment to publish. 

Math: We have almost finished unit 1 and will start diving into some new/deeper topics next week.

            Today was our first STEAM blast where our focus is healthy mind, body and soul.  We teamed up with our sixth grade buddies to brainstorm and create a soothing video.



Upcoming field trip with Tin Mountain—look for details next week!


Dates to look for:


Miss Manners will be joining us on Friday (27th) for a lesson and lunch.

PTO will be meeting October 7th at 5:30 pm




2/3 Newsletter                                                                      September 13, 2013

            We have successfully completed our first week of school!  We really started getting into the “meat” of our academics this week and I cannot tell you enough how impressed I am!  In science we began our study on water, which was capped off with a visit from Tin Mountain today.  To start our unit, we learned a little bit about surface tension and preformed investigations with pennies and drops of water.  Next, the kids demonstrated their expertise on the water cycle.  We will continue our study of water, culminating in a field trip with Tin Mountain towards the beginning of next month-more details to follow.

            Reading groups started this week.  Students are grouped in pairs and are working through a variety of assignments.  Our system will roughly follow these steps: meet with me, read part of a book/a short book, discuss, complete an assignment based on the book, and word work.  There will be ample opportunity for choice reading as well, an integral part of growing as a reader.  As we look forward into the year, our reading groups will transition into literature circles where we start getting into more difficult books and therefore more intense comprehension discussions. 

            If you ask your kids about writing this week they may mention the following: watermelons, big moments, short/small moments or seeds.  These are words we have been using to describe our personal narrative writing where each student will choose at least one “short” moment and elongate/stretch it.  Our goal is to make the reader feel as if they are in that moment with us. To do so, we are focusing on being descriptive with our writing as well as showing the reader what is happening versus telling.  One day we spent some time outside tuning our senses so that we could incorporate different senses into our writing as well.

            We dove right into Everyday Math this week and have been refreshing our math brains to telling time, counting counts, using number grids, math facts, etc.  It would be a great idea to continually ask and provide guidance to your kiddos with telling time, counting money and math facts (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

            Let me apologize for any confusion that may have been caused by the homework.  I should have been clearer and that is entirely my fault.  With the homework table- it is my thought and goal that the assignment be completed on the day under which it is listed (for example, if a study link is listed under Thursday, then it would be completed on Thursday).  Nonetheless, I absolutely realize that life is busy and that it may be more advantageous to complete the assignments on a different night.  No worries—I get it.  It may be that we haven’t gotten that far in a certain subject yet and that you might want to simply review the assignment that night.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions and again I apologize for not being clearer.

            Lastly, family journals! On Fridays the kiddos will be writing letters home in their notebooks.  They will choose someone to write to about their week at school.  I hope that you all will have a moment to read their letters and respond to them.  Those should come back to school on Monday if possible. 



Upcoming field trip with Tin Mountain—details to follow.


Dates to look for:

Curriculum Night -- Wednesday, September 18th

2/3 6pm                       Unified Arts 6:30 pm                          K/1 7pm

**There has been a change here, 2/3 time is now at 6pm**


Dexter Harding,
Nov 30, 2011, 4:26 AM