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Togo Project

Helen Crowell is back from Togo! She brought us a bunch of photos and many stories from her time working with rural schools on various water and sanitation projects. She took with her our CD, books we'd made and also over $750 we had raised selling our CD. This is a building with two classroom of preschoolers. It was falling down and kids had classes outside, but the money we raised helped to repair it, inside and out, and put on a new roof and doors.

This is a hand washing station Helen's group designed. Using this station many kids can was hands at once even though the whole school only has one faucet. Money we raised built the unit. They mounted a plaque that recognizes our contribution and lists all our names.

To the left here is a photo of the only well in another large village. The well was broken. Using our money (and matching funds from the villagers) Helen's group repaired the well.