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About our blog

I won't be introducing kid blog for a while this fall. That doesn't mean 3rd grades can't post pieces and comments to their blogs as they did last year. They can. 

Here’s how it works. Kids go to kidblog.org. They each have a password (this they already know well know from logging onto our school server).
Here is a quicker way to:

Then they can create a new post or leave a comment on a post of a classmates’ page. They click either “publish” or “submit comment”. Either way, that submission comes by me for review before hitting the class blog. If this seems like it is working and worthwhile I can add parents (with user names and passwords) so you could view and comment as guests, without using your child’s log on. Kids will have time at school to work on this, but perhaps not as much as they would like. I figure that if you get time to help them with using it at home that could be really good. Besides if you don’t already have such conversations with them, this provides a great starting point for discussions about online safety, etc.

Guidelines that may change as we go: Kids, you should…

  • Always give a piece a title. When possible, give a piece a two part title. For example - Poem: My Dog, or Book Review: Harry Potter 2, etc.
  • Publish fairly short pieces. Less than 300 words. A chapter or two rather than a whole book.
  • Not post images, word art, etc. Not yet anyway. We only get 100 MB.
  • Post as many pieces as you like. Not just assignments. But think quality, not quantity.
  • Return to revise and edit pieces you have already published.
  • Comment on pieces your classmates post. Try to be specific. What did you like? What seemed to work well? What would you like the writer to say more about? Being critical is fine as long as you have something positive to say as well.
  • NEW -- Edit for Capital letters and periods and words you should be able to spell! Use spellcheck before submitting your piece. If you submit a piece but I don't seem to have approved it, check to be sure you have edited it.