2-3-4 Teamwork

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2/3/4 Native American Project – Due Friday, November 5, 2010

(This is an in-school project, there is no homework expectation. Students are welcome to build extra models, or bring extra materials from home; this is not an expectation or requirement.)


All over the world, people live in different ways.   The natural environments they live in help determine the lifestyle they have.  You have been studying about groups of people that live/lived in different parts of North America.  This week and next, you will construct a physical model, with written descriptions, that teach your classmates and school community what you have learned. 


Your project must include: 

A map to show your audience where your tribe lives/lived.


            A physical model that teaches us about the tribe – your visual should be as authentic as possible and be accurate for your tribe. 


       Written descriptions that help teach us about your model: These could be labels right on the model, or a poster next to it.



Your model and labels should teach us about some * of the following topics:

            *2nd graders – at least 2

            *3rd graders  -at least 3

            *4th graders – at least 4


                        Food: what did they eat and how did they get it.


                        Shelter:  How did they make homes, and where did they make them?


                        Clothing:  What did they wear, and what natural materials did they use?


                        Tools:  What tools did they use, and how did they use natural materials to make them?  Tools could be for hunting, fishing, food preparation, making clothing, etc.


                        Contact with white settlers, or Europeans – what was their history like?


                        Other ideas for topics could include:  Language, Jobs or responsibilities of Men and Women, or how modern life in the tribe compares to the traditional.



You will be given plenty of time to finish your project in school during Guided Reading and Theme/Social Studies time.  Those of you that have chosen to bring something in from home, or build an optional model at home, you should have your work in school by November 4th.  We will share our work with each other, and with School Meeting on November 10th